Effect of movies on Society

There’s a vast amount of effect of movies on youth. By research it has been found that what we see effects more than anything else to our brain. So whatever rubbish or unintellectual things are shown in movies create a very deep influence over the people of the society. I won’t say Bollywood movies has bad effects only, no, it has good and powerful influence too. But the amount of bad effects is much much more than the good ones. Here I am with few of the points, there are a lot many but I have discussed the important ones only.

Few bad Effects of movies on Youth and How it influences People:

Definition of a beautiful woman

If you are not having a perfect figure(so-called hot and sexy), you are not pretty enough for any guy. A fat and bulgy girl needs to feel inferior than any other girl having zero figure. There must be a difference between the standard of both the girls having null figure and a chubby one.

                        Definition of beauty

See yourself, she is such a talented actress but she was not capable of getting a chance to be an actress with her bulgy figure, she reduced her weight and then she became a roll model for many girls and dream girl for many boys. You need to feel inferior in comparison with others about your beauty if you are not slim enough. Your facial or inner beauty will only work when you have a perfect body and will attract others too.


Stalking girls is normal

Effect of movies on Youth

                                                                                                       Stalking became Passion

Since in Bollywood movies, stalking girls to impress them is perfectly fine and maybe in there the heroins get impressed by them too due to this. The portrayal of women chased and harassed by spurned lovers in Bollywood movies has made stalking a “cool, romantic thing to do”. These films continually reinforce the message that stalkers will ultimately be rewarded for their persistence. It also denies women the right to say ‘no’ to their stalker. But when you come to reality, girls don’t entertain such guys. Rather this type of stalking sometimes leads to harassment or molestation. Beware guys that’s movie and we live in reality.


Item songs

Effect of movies on Youth

                       Item songs objectifying women

These songs are that part of Bollywood movies where girls are objectified to entertain men who will be using her body to fulfill their wishes. She is used as an object to make the viewers happy with her body moves and her revealing outfit. Most such songs show scenes where Rowdy men are shamelessly leering and surrounding the girl, who is pretty much defenseless. But the sad fact is that almost all top actresses of Bollywood do item songs just for the sake of money, not realizing what they are unknowingly promoting. These songs are used as click baits in movies, and they kind of make it seem like its okay to objectify women and they enjoy it as well.

Most item songs have sexually suggestive lyrics, also supporting the objectification of women. A few examples: Tu cheez badi hai mast mast”. Where ‘Cheez’ in Hindi means thing. The woman is called a damn nice thing.

Second one, “Baby doll mai sone di”. The girl says that she is a doll made of gold (that can be played with).

Munni Badnam, Shila ki jawani, Jalebi Bai, Anarkali, Mera naam Mary, etc. are few more examples of such songs where women are objectified.


Effect of movies on Youth due to Action Scene imitation:

effect of movies on youth

                        Action Scenes

Being inspired from all these BOLLYWOOD Movies, men think out showing their Musculine power will make them a real MAN. But they forget that things look good only in movies not in reality. A small conversation turned into an argument and now it’s action time. These movies are influencing violence and creating a thinking of negativity among people. And society is turning into a place of non-violence where it’s the only outcome of any controversy or argument. Crimes or you can say ‘DADAGIRI’ is now a part of a life which seems too cool to out show. All these movies are nothing but just provoking the younger generation towards all these stupidities, but spoiling their future too. The effect of movies on youth can be a concerning thing for the society and we must give a try to find the solution of it. 

Robinhood Nature

Breaking all rules, doing all sort of smuggling and crimes, and showing you are the Messiah of general people. Is it so? If you are doing good for some part of the people of the society, does it give you the right to do all such type of things. And the general people will be supporting you for this. you will be having the power and the terror of the society, so that they respect you and stay afraid of you. Even if it’s not the reality still yeah people get influenced by such characters. They too want to be person with such immense power and want to rule the society.

effect of movies on youth

                            Robinhood Nature


Such effect of movies on youth can be minimized if, directors or script writers stay a bit concerned about it. And if Actors who are considered as idol for youngsters refuses to do such roles which can harm the future of the younger generation. Future of our nation is in the hands of these younger generation only, so the effect of movies on youth is a concerning issue for every citizen.


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