Freedom for women

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity”.

Freedom is one of the most precious possessions that we can have. For decades, men and women have fought and died for this freedom and it’s still continuing today. As we all know, there are many in the world who have sacrificed their comfort in life and freedom as a result of expressing what is there in their hearts. It is this freedom that allows us to do whatever we want to do, but if we have complete freedom, it is inevitable that we will get in the path of the freedom of others. Freedom for women, men, children or any other living organism is having this as birth right.

To express your views freely, to be able to practice any religion and profess it freely if you believe that it might do good to people at a large amount, to be able to do what pleases you unless it harms the interest of other person otherwise, we need freedom nothing else. Freedom is the lifeline of civilized living, without freedom you and I wouldn’t be anywhere close to evolved and without freedom there would be no development of any sort. There would be nothing ‘humane’ to expect out of life says freedom.

Live free

                 Live your freedom

“Why is freedom important?”. Definitely something that caught my attention, I mean freedom doesn’t automatically give us happiness or joys or wonderful memories. So, why the need for freedom?
That is because it is your birthright YOU, ME or everyone reading this was born free, without restrictions, and if someone binds you, prevents you from projecting your ideas to the world, if someone prevents you from holding contrasting beliefs or those which are against those of the society, then they are wrong, because you have the freedom to hold your own opinions and no one can challenge you, because holding someone’s freedom and thoughts and ideas is one of the greatest sins. And that is why Freedom is important, because you deserve it, because it is your birthright, because freedom to exercise your brain is what makes the difference.

Freedom is being you without anyone's permission


Now, here I come with how much freedom then women are getting? Are they capable of doing whatever they wish to or whatever they want to? Are they able to go out of their home late at 11 pm? Are they capable to go anywhere wherever they wish to after marriage?
The answer will be a big NO. But why so? Aren’t they come in the counting of people who needs freedom? That’s what our Indian society is.
Like men, women have been created free and desire to live without the intrusion of others. The inclination of freedom for women is a natural and legitimate desire. Providing freedom for women will not only helps them to full fill their desires rather it will elevate their position politically, morally, financially and socially.

Be a rebel to change the society

  Have the guts to be a rebel

Giving you my own example, I am from a family where I am given full freedom. At least, the much a girl must have. But still I am not satisfied enough. I know this reality of our country too that the amount of freedom I am getting, there are girls who can’t even think of it. But still I am not satisfied. Why so? It is because for me that much is not sufficient. I want to be a free bird without any restriction and without any boundaries. I want to be someone where no one can bind me in shackles of rules and where I don’t want to explain my deeds to people. I too know this that my boundations are for my welfare, to protect me from the evils of our society and that’s why I don’t blame my parents for this.

Now, you decide there are many women or girl like me who are thirsty to be free from everything and live their life in their own conditions. Maybe I will have it one day, because I am a fighter and I can scream loud for my freedom. But what about the rest who can’t raise their voice to be free? Why the society can’t be a place where we are not afraid of our protection? Why our parents can’t be tension less about us whenever we go out?
The day we will be capable of answering all these questions, that day our rights will be back to us. When each one of us can raise our voice against those who are taking our rights, that day our rights will be back to us. When society will stop partiality among men and women, that day our rights will be back to us.

Fight for your rights

 Fight against all odds

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