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When 2 adults are having live in relationship by their own choice, then why should anyone else be concerned about it? People thinking and judging stuff that is none of their business anyway – that is the problem to start with. Maybe it’s about the “great sin” – lack of commitment. So 2 adults who want to marry, but are afraid of commitment, and are mature enough to admit it. For me, the fact that they are giving it a shot, despite the huge social challenges shows that they are giving it their best shot. And best shots usually work. The relationship might transform into long term commitment – with or without papers(marriage). Giving it a chance won’t hamper the concern rather will provide them an opportunity to have a successful life ahead. It’s an excellent way to test the compatibility of two people. If you can live together for an extended period of time knowing that you can walk out at any time and that will be it, and you still can’t get enough of each other, that’s your cue that you’re meant to be together.

love matters most

Love in live in relation

Or maybe its about NOT giving live in relationship a good shot, but using that as an excuse to have “free sex without any commitments”. But then ‘marriage’ would not mean commitment – it would mean a ‘trap’. You can now have free sex, but you cannot ‘run away’. Marriage provides you some guarantee, but still no one can assure that even after marriage one can’t run away. And secondly, marriage doesn’t mean that the guy or the girl will be happy forever, if we look at the records most of the marriages in India face the problem of what we call ‘domestic’ violence and extra marital affair. Husbands do rape their wives, and in India women ignore this because the society has a tendency of saying ‘Husband hi toh hai, Kuch kar bhi dia to kya ho gaya’.

Unnecessary issues in marriage

Life in marriage

I am not disrespecting our culture or tradition. I think marriage is a good institution – because of the commitment, not for the rituals. Its the culmination of a great relationship. But a committed live-in is much better than an abusive marriage(even if its ‘lasts forever’). And if both are committed – then do the semantics matter? Maybe they do for some, and that’s OK too. Its sweet, memorable, special. A cause for celebration at the least. As long as we have the priorities in place. The point is not to hate the tradition, but rather make sure to honor their meaning. The point is you are never sure about whether a relationship will actually work or not? And it doesn’t matter that you’re married or in a live-in relationship, your thoughts will never change. If two people really love each other, they will stay together happily, if they don’t, they will not. A mere tag doesn’t ensure ‘happiness’ and ‘safety’.

Commitment in marriage

Shackles of marriage

Live-in relationship neither a crime nor a sin, says Supreme Court. It’s completely legal in India and government has no say to offend anyone staying in live in relationship under their own concern. The society is also taking this thing as something supportive. People has started to change their mentality and not looking at it as something evil. Change the mindset and everything else will change by its own.

Problems of live in relationship, faced by couples because of the society


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