Menstruation,A Shameful Reality for Women

A guy answered when asked about menstruation, “The washroom stinks when my sister is on her periods and I feel too creepy to see all these stains of blood. So, I asked my mother to tell her not to roam around my room while those days and maintain some distance”.

What an awesome reply. Isn’t it? What else reply can you expect? If you are on your periods, you need to be ashamed of it. Menstruation seems to be something which brings the image of uncleanliness and unhygienicness. They forget the fact completely that having periods or not, is not in the hands of women. Several restrictions while those 5 days. From being disallowed from entering temples to being told not to touch pickles, women have to go through a lot for something that is absolutely natural. And no women have anything on their hand to do something against it. For women, a period is that important friend(yeah it’s a friend for me) which you can’t ignore even if you wish to till your menopause.



People mostly get confused about the scientific and biological reason of menstruation. Menstruation is the periodic shedding of blood due to the breakage of the uterus lining. The uterus is the womb that holds a fetus as it grows. A fertilized egg will implant there, and it is important for the uterus to have a nice fresh supply of nutrients and goodies to help the egg during early development. But, the uterine lining has an expiration date. If the woman does not become pregnant, then the lining is cleared out during menstruation so that fresh nutrients can accumulate there.

Now, you might be thinking it as men only think of it like such a creepy thing. But let me tell you this, you are wrong women themselves are making it something of which they need to be ashamed of. Here’s an example that occurred just between two of my friends:

Boy: Why you are not coming out with us?

Girl: I am having some problem because of which I can’t go. And not feeling well too.

Boy: What problem? Tell me, if I can help.

Girl: Something personal which I cannot share with you.

Boy: Are you on your periods?

Girl: What? How can you even ask of it? Don’t you feel ashamed?

What is there to be ashamed of it? Is there anything he needs to feel shameful of? If you as women yourself have thought of it as a taboo then no one can change the mentality of society. Maybe it’s not her fault too, it’s what her mother taught her to feel. From the day she had her first period, she was asked not to disclose it to anyone. And she needs to be more and more careful about the stains.  She learned wholeheartedly what she needs to do and what not. She herself believed it as a taboo.

Some Taboos for Menstruation

Don’t go to any sacred place while those days.

Don’t enter the kitchen.

In some rural areas, women need to sleep on the floor.

Need to wash all the clothes or bed sheet and all used while your period days.

After it’s over, take shower and soak your hairs too even if you don’t wish to.


                    Menstrual cramp

All these rules are nothing but just punishment for women to have menstruation.  Now, if you will remember how painful it is for women. How it feels to have the menstruation cramps. The severity, location of pain, sensation, and remedies vary from woman to woman. Like someone is twisting the insides of your abdomen every 60-120 seconds. They feel like (to a lesser degree) contractions women experience in labor. This pain takes all your energy you conserved for the whole day. And still, the same women is doing her regular duties. Without complaining and without letting the rest of the world know of it.

But the biggest sarcasm is, she is still considered the weakest. Still, she is not having what she deserves. She can’t complain about it to anyone what goes through her. Still, she can’t share her achievement that she conquered the cramps. And still, she needs to be ashamed that she is bearing such a pain.

” target=”_blank”>Aranya Johar

Here’s a great poem by Aranya Johar of Menstrual Cycles. There’s nothing to be ashamed of menstruation. It makes you strong only not weak.

Message to Men

You men, respect your ladies on those the most and be the one with whom she can share everything. Not a person from whom she needs to hide her pain. Don’t think menstruation as a solution to have sex without contraceptive and still not getting pregnant. What goes through all those days over women, only she knows of it. Be a help to her, Not her obstacle.

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