Throw Some Light in Indian Education System

To understand better about problems in Indian education system, let’s start with two examples:

  1. Rifath Sharook – An 18 year old guy from TamilNadu designed the world’s smallest Satellite named KalamSat just got 62.5% in his 12 Board Exams. The satellite is going to be launched by NASA in near the future.
problems in Indian education system: Rifath sharook

                        Rifath Sharook

Do you think, he will ever be able to use his superior skill to make India a Mark In Space Technology? Do you think, if he hadn’t been recognized by NASA, his skills would have appreciated by India to such an extent without his schooling qualification?

But I don’t think so! The probability would have been negligible. Because Indian Education system doesn’t accept a student other than Bookworms.This is just one in thousand examples where the power of system has left behind the true talent of Students. Engulf the bookish knowledge and vomit in the exam. You have marks, then we will talk or else, “HUM APKE HAIN KAUN?” English translation-”Do I know you?

2. Abhimanyu Sadasivan: The boy on the left-hand side. He was a 16-year old student in 11th grade and was found dead on the terrace of his family’s apartment in March 2014.

Problems in Indian Education System: Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu Sadasivan

He committed suicide in the midst of his exams and left a suicide note in his chemistry exam sheet. It was written as,

“The CBSE system is based on mugging. Education should be about understanding and apply your knowledge. My death should be a lesson and a reason for the system to change.” – Source


     3. 3 idiots(movie): You might remember, son of Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe did suicide just because his father wanted him to be an engineer and as a son, he was not capable of fulfilling his father’s dream. Again same story. Isn’t it?

Problems in Indian Education System

    I Quit

So, what basically is the fault in our education system! Let’s check the main Problems in Indian education system.

Problems in Indian education system:

1. CGPA or Percentage

Do you really think CGPA can judge your capabilities?

Now, taking my own example, I am in Computer Science & Engineering branch. Is it necessary that I need to be interested in core programming? Or is it necessary I need to know about each and every programming language? Is it necessary I have to excel in all way?Problems in Indian Education System: CGPA

I don’t think so, I am interested in Digital Marketing and SEO stuff mainly. And love the idea of Internet of Things and Big Data. And none of it needs core programming. If I can excel in what I am interested then why the hell will I learn all those stuff which makes no sense to me? We can’t excel in everything at the same time. There should be learning on the basis of your choice not using an ocean of syllabus

Read about Sir John.B Gurdon, Sir Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and much more.


There is an awesome saying “In IIT you will find only Kota and quota”. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. The caste reservation in India is worst Nightmare for Talented students. Now, talking about my own college, there are many students who deserve to be in good branches, but they have been offered low-level branches and because of this they even lost their interest in studies.Now just think about the Case of whole Indian Colleges. I really think that Reservation in education system must be removed so that one with full capabilities can utilize their chances to uplift India.

Problems in Indian Education System: Reservation System

Now, again my own case. Basically, I should have been an SC student, but since my father didn’t make the caste certificate (although all his brothers and sisters are having) I am a general student. But I would have that certificate, I would have been in IIT. But I’m not at all repenting for that, it’s just an observation. 

I am not totally against Reservation system, it’s just the section of society which requires it most, are not getting it. While those who are financially strong and even having every facility, are enjoying such Quota system.


I really feel that at some point in life parents must leave their children free to choose their career and not forcing them to fulfill their parent’s dreams. They should be independent of their career choices. 

Problems in Indian Education System

Parents are more concerned about academic result rather any co-curricular activity. They mostly forget the importance of speaking to their children about their dreams and what they aspire for. For them, only Science stream exists and rest streams has no value at all. Medical and Engineering is not the outcome of every dream, every child watches. It is just for few. Please, it’s a request to every guardian to understand the dreams of their children and support them.


Now to remove Problems in Indian Education System, try the understand the following things:

Do in which you are interested and success will definitely be yours. Listen to your heart and let others think whatever they want to. I agree mentality of parents is changing nowadays, but it’s the case of just a few. So, a humble request to them. Please help your children to achieve their dream. Never be an obstacle, rather support him/her the most.

Now, to the Government of India. Open up your eyes and have a look at what the Indian education system is leading us to. The number of suicides is increasing day by day and all the blames will be over your head if you won’t change this customary education system. Stop judging a student from his/her marks. One exam can’t define your IQ. Nor it’s a compulsion that every child needs to have a high IQ level. Keep yourself in their place and think of the situation for them.

The source of the above part is from one of my answer in Quora (Problems in Indian Education System), where you can read my other answers too.


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