Teenage problems and struggles | Teenage life and understanding

Before understanding the Problems teenage face, let’s understand what it is actually. Teenage is the age between Thirteen to Nineteen where one comes across a lot of temporary people making permanent changes to your life.This period is where one comes to know about this world and how it works. One learns or comes across ego, betrayal, love, friendship, loyalty, cunningness & what not. Apart from all these people also come to know their family situation and can feel their pain.

“Teenagers. Everything is so apocalyptic.”Kami Garcia

Teenage is part of your life, which is full of choices. It decides what kind of person you are going to be in your later part of life. Experiences obtained during teenage influences your whole life & also your perspective about the world. It brings sudden changes in life. You stay unsure about everything you do.

Main Problems Teenage Face:

  1. Over consciousness about looks:

Problems teenage face

Checking out yourself in mirror thousand times before coming out of the home. And not just at home, they are always waiting for an opportunity to see how they look. Too conscious about what others will say or think of their looks. And being judgmental towards their physical appearance.

Sudden Change in Mood:

Problems teenage face

You have no control over your mood. You can call it personality disorder too. If at one moment you are most polite to someone, at the next you are the rudest one. Your sudden mood swings become so usual that you yourself won’t understand the reason while you will be asking the reason of it to yourself, the hell lot of time.


Problems teenage face

Getting good grades at school, Trying to be high achievers, Pleasing their parents, Pleasing their peers, Feeling they are not physically or intellectually normal, or feeling different to everyone else and the biggest thing is competition. A hell lot of things roam around in their mind while those days. They live their life basically on if. If this will happen, then what? They keep assuming things and try to find the solution of every question going on in their mind.

Hormonal Imbalance:

When a teen, u will feel your hormones flying everywhere, we feel like we are on an emotional roller coaster that only goes up! We have no control over our feelings, we don’t know what we are doing, and yeah teens have a strong belief of MIGHT IS RIGHT. As a teen, you may get happy for no reason,  feel low and terrible for absolutely no typical reason. And this Sucks!

Eager to Discover Sexuality:

Problems teenage face

This is the period when one wants to discover it’s sexuality. Either by watching pornographic things or getting physical. This leads to the discovery of feelings for the opposite gender or may be the similar gender ones. It lets them discover their choices in life. And this sometimes leads them to do some serious mistakes for which they repent for the rest of their life. Those are the span of life where we discover about our physical changes in the body, starting from menstruation in women to Adam’s apple in men.

Selection of Companion:

Problems teenage face

This is the time when one chooses some temporary and permanent companions in life. Sometimes they prosper their life and sometimes they work as a curse. It sometimes helps you to be a better person in life. And they may lead to some bad habits or addictions, which affect their rest of the life. So, here I remember a small saying by Gautama Buddha

“If you cannot find a good companion to walk with, walk alone, like an elephant walking in the jungle. It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress”.

Over Sensitiveness:

Problems teenage face

Teenage makes them too sensitive and make them react too fast. They don’t accept people letting them down for small things and saying something at their back. Emotions are at peak. 

Dream World:

Problems teenage face

Dreaming of a person they want to be. They make their own story of a perfect girl or boy who is being loved by everyone. It is one type of character in which they live in their own dream world. Making a perfect life without any boundation. 

Excitement for College:

Problems teenage face

Too interested to come to college and pre-planning for it. Waiting for the freedom one will get when in college and just hoping to experience the best things of life. 

Now, here comes the responsibility of parents towards struggles and problems teenage face. They need to be more understanding towards their children and make stop creating situations which may piss their children off. Parents should feel the condition of their child rather reacting to what they do. It’s not what these teenagers really mean to do, but sometimes it’s the situation which makes them do it.

The problems teenage face are actually not problems, in fact, these are the doors that are needed to be opened by these children to have a better look towards this World. Try to understand them, explain things lovingly and all will be perfect. There is no such teenage problem which can’t be solved with love.


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