“The great Aryans, Buddha among the rest, have always put woman in an equal position with man. For them sex in religion did not exist. In the Vedas and Upanishads, women taught the highest truths and received the same veneration as men.” – Swami Vivekananda

It is evident that India is a nation where culture, heritage, etiquettes, respect, and regards are the basis of your education and character. Where children are taught to learn to respect everyone and no one is big or small, everyone deserves to be respected. A nation, where women are given the direct place of Goddess and we need to worship them. And a country which has a very brave history of women power.
But whether is it all same till date?? Whether each one of us in the society have same respect and dignity for women?? Is there any way to know this?
Yes, there is. The way women are being treated in the society and by their family is the biggest explanation for the amount of respect they are getting. Every now and then, in every newspaper,in every news channel and in every newsfeed, there will be atleast one news of molestation or rape of a women all over the country. Whether taking consideration of a small city like Agartala or a big city like Delhi, not a single women is safe anywhere or anytime. No one knows when and what will happen to them. And taking account of our judiciary system is useless to speak. They are more concerned about the “cows” than any women.

NIRBHAYA rape case

“THE FAMOUS CASE”, but what about the silent ones

We haven’t forgotten the phase NIRBHAYA has gone through or the unlimited 44 days of torture beared by JUNKO FURUTA. These two are the most common ones that are familiar to us and that too because of the processions and condolences people showed towards them but have you thought of the numerous other cases where even the name of the victim is not known?? Have you thought of those girls who still didn’t get Justice? And those who are getting molested on a daily basis but still not having the guts to stand against it. The tortures they have gone through or the punishments they are given are the ones whose thought also brings Goosebumps over our body. The horrifying ways they have been molested and raped will give you nightmares. If you will look at the statistics you will be shocked to know that 6 rapes and 15 molestations take place each day in all over India. Don’t be so amazed, because it’s the story of crores of girls suffering from all these each day. But can’t raise their voice against it. And the other surprising data is that only 5-6% of the rape or molestation cases are reported to police and rest stays silent. Don’t be astonished again because you too know the reason very well. Yeah, it’s nothing else, just because of our so-called SOCIETY, where people won’t be concerned regarding your situation rather they will start questioning your character and will judge you as someone who provoked the guy to molest you. Even within a family also there are people who molest their own cousins or nephew or any relative. But at that situation, whom to complaint?? Will anyone listen to her? Will anyone trust her? Or it will be her character, that will be questioned? And these are few of the questions that goes on at that situation over a girl’s mind. Staying out late night for a girl is nothing but increase of 99% chance of being molested. Going for late night party and roaming out with friends is not something meant for girls, there is limitation for them and they need to follow this or else no one can take the guarantee of your safety. Isn’t it? Unfortunately,yes it is like this. Because our police is absolutely of no use regarding this. Women are afraid to reach to police as they don’t trust them, because they are not doing their job they should do.
Let me give you an example. The girlfriend of my friend was being molested and when my friend and his girlfriend went to the police station in West Bengal to complain about it, he was taken in custody by anti-romeo squad. Isn’t it a joke? He went there for help and what he got was something unexpected and not tolerable at all.
Now you understand what is the condition of our police? There are police vans that keep on checking the roads and guarding citizens, but where were they when NIRBHAYA was being raped in a moving bus? Where were they when the girl was molested in New Year’s Eve in Bangalore? Is there any answer for this? If you go for complaining an FIR, at first they will judge you and then they will think of the criminal. There were many situations when even complains were not filed by them against the criminal. And still there are millions of cases where the criminals are still roaming freely and no justice to those women.

When your own people are taking your childhood from you

Fear of “Log kya bolenge?”

But have you ever thought why number of molestation is so large in India? What is the fault of these Indian women that they need to be afraid of their security? What let them face their worst nightmares in reality? There will be a simple answer to this and that will be your mentality, your teachings and your​ upbringing. Those who believe women as something to play with and whose position is beneath their feet are the ones who do all these disgusting practices. They never think what will happen if someone else will be doing this to their own mother and sister. They never think what goes through a woman who have to suffer this. It will become a nightmare for her which will haunt her each night for the rest of her life.
The only way to get rid of such a situation is to have the feel of the pain they are going through each time and make a society for them where they don’t have to think twice about their safety before coming out of their home. A society where they don’t have to fight for their rights and where women will be treated with the dignity the much they deserve. And also making these women self sufficient to fight for themselves as each time someone can’t be there to safeguard you.

Down here is a very cool poem spoken by Aranya describing the position of women in today’s world.

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