About Aritri

‘Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me’ – Carol Burnett

About Aritri

Aritri Das is doing her Bachelor in Technology(BTech) from National Institute of Technology, Agartala. 19 years of life experience and a vast mentality. She is having a broad look towards life and knows well how the society works for people. Wants to work hard for the welfare of women in the society and so that they can get all their rights, they deserves. She is a part of the Quora family and is considered as one of the TOP 10 most viewed writers in “Indian Ethnicity and people”. And has received a lot of appreciation for her creative writing and perspective towards society.

What I care About

I have a special interest in how the society works and stand against all odds in the path of a women. Rather than taking a dark view of how the Internet era has affected writers’ livelihoods, I’m more interested in how revolutionary change can inspire people to get influenced to bring changes in their sociology and will ultimately evolve to be a better human being. I am sitting in the intersection of adulthood and teenage life and trying to create a bridge in between to reduce the space that has been created in between. Interested in changing the views of people towards women and don’t let them feel useless. Want my thoughts to reach every part of the society and people are bound to listen to me to change their mentality.

Academic Details

About Aritri where she studiedAritri Das did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, ONGC, Agartala and gave her 10th and 12th Boards exam from the same school. She passed the exams with flying color and was capable to secure her seat in the first try of JEE MAINS 2016 itself and got her branch of interest i.e. COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING. Now, she is completing various courses related to Digital Marketing and SEO, as per her topic of interest. She is a part of the INTERNSHALA STUDENT PARTNER PROGRAM 7.

She is having some great qualities like leadership and convincing nature that has led her to various successful projects too. Is a part of the college Robotics Club within some Top Ranking positions and did a lot many projects within it. Had worked with Arduino and other wireless projects.

Personal Views:

♥ If you believe in yourself, no one can make you feel useless.

♥ Don’t care about what others think of you, do that which is correct in your point of view.

♥ Respect those, who respects you and let others go to hell.

♥ Women are too strong to be broken but that doesn’t mean you will kill her from inside each day.

♥ Don’t be a sexist, if a women hadn’t be here, you wouldn’t have been here in this world to see the beauty of it.

♥ Live your life with all you have and whom you love to be and don’t let others spoil it for their own convenience.

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