Beaware of Feminists!!

Feminism is not female dominance. It’s not about a woman wanting to keep her foot on you nor it’s just an exercise of your choice. It is equality, harmony and breaking patriarchal conventions that limit women. Feminism is about the man supporting the woman and the woman supporting the man. It is not how to show your power, rather it’s a BALANCED EQUATION. And here arises the arguments against feminism. It is these feminists itself who let this happen.

Major reasons for it are:

  1. An act of hypocrisy:

Some people, women especially who claim to be feminists are nothing but hypocrites. Many women, being “feminists” as they call themselves, do not abstain from abusing fellow women. They fall no behind men who cat-call women and abuse them. They bitch about them behind their backs. Some maltreat women for their fame and act as a saint. Few examples:arguments against feminism

a. Feminists complain about male athletes being paid more than female athletes, but they ignore when female models get paid more than male models. Both are fair as it is based on capitalism. If people pay more to see your gender in that role, you make more. How many of them stay excited to watch a Women’s Cricket World Cup? Just a handful. But for men’s, maximum are equally interested.

b. How many feminists are willing to stand up for a man when he is discriminated against on the basis of his gender? How many feminists actively discriminate against males based on their gender?

c. How many speak up when men pay the restaurant bills? Where the term equality goes on that occasion? 

2. Wrong perception of Woman Dominance:

Few perceive feminism to be equated with women dominance. This is highly wrong. These type of people think that because they are feminists can do anything they want. An example of this is the video released by Vogue, starring Deepika Padukone, named as “My Choice”. I personally like the video. The issues raised by it are very true. I agree with maximum points being said but, “Having sex outside marriage” or “Lust” doesn’t satisfy what actual feminism says. Being a person of your choice is great but not in lieu of hurting someone else’s feelings. They believe women to be superior and men as inferior. Repressing men is not the prime aim of feminism. It is providing equal opportunities and creating a balance between the two genders.

3.  Arguments against feminism due to gaining negativities from menfolk:

arguments against feminism

                       True feminism

We can’t blame men completely. Many men have reasoned that feminism speaks for women alone and it specifically entails women’s dominance. The reason is that the term “feminism” roots from “feminine” meaning female. Earlier years of feminism were indeed specifically for the female gender. However, in contemporary times, the term speaks of gender equality. It doesn’t speak of women dominance. It speaks of women empowerment.

In my view, it is the time that the liberal intelligentsia and intellectuals at work of gender equality should change the term “feminism” so that these misconceptions that cloud the men folk can be ridden off. A term is required which speaks for everyone. Not merely women. 


4. Met a few feminists who they did not like, so thought that is what feminism is:

arguments against feminism

     It’s not what you think!

A lot of them argue, “I have met enough to know.” But no, you haven’t met enough to know that like any other ideology, feminism too is interpreted differently by different people. And if you believe in the core philosophy, then you will define how you want to follow, endorse or actively support it and not use (your perceived) obnoxiousness of other feminists as an excuse to this all that feminism is. The actual ideology is accepted by few and rest are making it a hype. Few arguments against feminism arised just for false understanding of true feminism. 



Now to sum up why there is so many arguments against feminism, just understand: Feminism works for both men and women. True feminism doesn’t look towards subverting the fellow gender. It is not “choice” specific but is directed towards communal “harmony”. True feminists do not demand dominance. Only equality. It is high time that the world should realize that feminism is GENDER EQUALITY not WOMEN DOMINANCE. People started contaminating the feminist term calling themselves as one without knowing its true meaning and without working for it but by just arguing and arguing, forget the following part. Frankly, I don’t consider them feminist they are just dogs barking. To be a true feminist you must advocate equality at all costs.


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